Alternative Sontarans

Aside from their appearances in the TV version of Doctor Who, the Sontarans appeared in the spin-off video “Shakedown – The Return of the Sontarans” with a make-over to the Sontaran look, and also in the videos “Mindgame” and “Mindgame Trilogy”. They put in an appearance in the “Destiny of the Doctors” computer game – And they have also be redesigned or re-imagined by various fans. This page looks at some of these designs.

The Shakedown Sontarans

The Mindgame & Mindgame Trilogy Sontarans

The Destiny of the Doctors Sontaran Design

The Doctor Who Redesign Project Sontarans

by Niklas Jansson

From this site

and their Rutan enemies…

The DarkAngelDTB Sontarans

by Dean Betton

Sontaran concept art for a proposed Dr Who game – From this site

Blackdragon73  Sontaran

by Oliver

From this site

Sontaran Shocktroop

by ~Dinadan-Ermorfea

from this site


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    June 6, 2011 at 12:06 am

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