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A Fix with Sontarans

Every so often Doctor Who fans will debate the canonicity, or lack thereof, of the Jim’ll Fix It segement “A Fix with Sontarans”.

A Fix with Sontarans is the name of a specially written “episode” for the BBC’s children’s programme Jim’ll Fix It, featuring the Doctor, broadcast on 23rd February 1985.

Here it is, decide for yourself…. (personally I feel that if  anyone is so fanatical  about Doctor Who that they feel a need  to invent a way of fitting this one in to the show’s ongoing narrative/continuity then they really need to get out more…)

Sontaran Cartoon of the Day

Sontarans – Silent Warrior

Sontarans :  Silent warrior

Sontarans : Silent Warrior can be downloaded via this link

Featuring – the Sontarans, with the human crew of a space freighter in deep space.

Publisher’s summary

Treachery is afoot on the ‘Genesis’, a cargo ship travelling at the very edge of Human space. When Silvia Tanner opens herself up for “a bit of honest corruption” with the Sontarans she soon finds she has bitten off more than she can chew.

With a Sontaran aboard, and the sudden unexpected arrival of an investigator calling himself ‘Alex’, the stakes are suddenly raised even higher than before, and secrets will out.

What is the Sontaran plan and why do they need the ship? Who is Alex and who is he working for?

With time running short, Silvia needs to unravel the mysteries fast, and then tell her enemies from her friends.

  • Written by Peter Grehan
  • Directed by Tim Saward,
  • Produced by Bill Baggs
  • Sscript editor Paul Ebbs
  • Sound design & music by Michael Neilson
  • Cover design by Steve Johnson.


  • Sylvia Tanner – Paula O’Grady
  • Field Major Starn – John Wadmore
  • Sentinel – Polly Pritchett
  • Alex – Michael Wade

RECORDED on 8 August 1999.
RELEASED in this format in the UK in December 1999 (BBV SILENT WARRIOR).

Sontarans : Silent Warrior can be downloaded via this link

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