Sontaran Military Organsation

Sontaran Military Divisions

The Sontaran military, generally known as  the Sontaran Army Space Corps,  is divided into several different units, regiments and fleets: Those units known include :

  • Fifth Sontaran Battle Group (TV – The Time Warrior)
  • G3 Military Assessment Survey (TV -The Sontaran Experiment)
  • SSSS  – Sontaran Special Space Service (TV -The Invasion of Time)
  • Ninth Sontaran Battle Fleet (TV -The Two Doctors)
  • Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet (TV -The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky)
  • Tenth Sontaran Battle Brigade (A Fix with the Sontarans)
  • Twelfth Sontaran Battle Fleet (Novel –  The Sontaran Games)
  • SAS – Special Assault Squad – Attached to other units, such as the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet (Sarah-Jane Adventures – The Last Sontaran)
  • Koda – Military security branch of the Sontaran Armed Forces. (Novel –  Lords of the Storm)

Sontaran Ranks

The exact hierarchy of Sontaran ranks is speculative but a working model is (from Highest to Lowest) :

  1. Space Marshal
  2. Battle Marshal
  3. Fleet Marshal
  4. Group Marshal
  5. Marshal
  6. General
  7. Colonel
  8. Squadron Commander
  9. Commander
  10. Battle Major
  11. Field Major
  12. Major
  13. Base Leader
  14. Lieutenant
  15. Captain
  16. Trooper

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