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Mindgame was a video spin-off featuring the Sontarans. It was produced by Reeltime who obtained the rights to use the Sontarans and Draconians (but the video does not reference Doctor Who directly). The story features Sophie Aldred playing a “human” – who may well be intended to be seen as an older Ace…

You can watch Mindgame here :  Mindgame


A Sontaran, a Draconian and a Human are trapped in a cell together by a mysterious alien and must fight each other in order to survive.

Plot in more detail

On an asteroid in space, Sontaran Commander Sarg is transmatted from a battlefield to a prison cell with three beds and a mirror that serves as a door. He is monitored by an unseen lupine alien who watches the cell and removes Sarg’s gun through some unknown teleport. When he attempts to leave through the mirror he is knocked out by a device similar to a sonic distruptor.

A Draconian attending a military assembly arrives then and his knife is removed as well. The Sontaran and he discuss where they could be, Sarg thinking he is the enemy. A Human female arrives from serving as a mercenary on a reconaissance run. She holds them at gunpoint but her gun fades away. As they discuss their whereabouts the alien observes that Sarg is quick to react whereas the Draconian and Human are thinkers.

It becomes revealed that the three beings represent their races and that the asteroid serves as an interdimensional place, from which there is no escape. They must fight each other so that the alien knows which species his people can join forces with to conquer the galaxy, though they would be in control. The Draconian and Human refuses to fight and gain up on the Sontaran when he tries to kill the Human, seeing that he would be set free if he did so. They convince him that the fight would not be honorable and the alien offers pain over death. They are attacked by a sonic device and are knocked out.

When they revive they agree to fight. The prison cell is cleared of the beds and three Draconian knives materialise. The Human blinds Sarg with her jacket as the Draconian stabs him. Then he stabs the Human. The alien enters through the mirror with a gun and meets the Draconian as the Human rises and grabs the gun while Sarg holds the alien. They co-operated in order to escape and so the alien deems the experiment on them a failure. The self-destruct countdown begins. When the alien begins to transmat to his own dimension the Human gives him a message to carry back to his people: she shoots and kills him as he beams away.

Reaching the alien’s control station, the Human sees that the transmat is similar to Human-make and, asking herself what the Professor would do, reverses the polarity of the neutron flow. Since Sarg was the first to arrive, he must go first and there is no certainty that he will be returned to the Sontaran Empire. He returns to the cell and is transmatted away, followed by the Draconian. The Human sets the transmat on a delay and races to the cell. She is beamed away a few seconds before the asteroid fades into nothing, uttering the word “wicked”.


  • Alien – Bryan Robson
  • Human – Sophie Aldred
  • Commander Sarg – Toby Aspen
  • Draconian – Miles Richardson

You can watch Mindgame here :  Mindgame