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Sontaran Comic Strip – The Final Quest

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  • Author:     Steve Moore
  • Editor:     Dez Skinn
  • Artists:     Paul Neary and David Lloyd
  • First Published In:     Doctor Who Weekly Issue 8
  • Republished in Doctor Who (US Marvel) comic (colourised)
  • First Publication:     5th December 1979
  • Publisher:     Marvel Comics

Currently out of print

Plot Summary

The Sontaran warrior Katsu is haunted by his dreams of dying without honour and failing to win against the alien Levanaxus on the dead world of Keth. Searching for the ultimate weapon he arrives on Aleph-777, a world now of idyllic peace, where he demands collection of the weapon. Pursuing an escape craft to Omega-666, he captures and claims the ultimate weapon, a flask of Omega Green Plague which he is tricked into opening by one of the peace-loving inhabitants of Aleph-777, away from danger to anyone else.

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“The Sontarans” from Doctor Who Weekly #6

A rather old article published in Doctor Who Weekly back in 1979. It is of course completely out of date now (In the meantime the Sontarans returned on TV in “The Two Doctors” featuring Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton, as well as in the more recent appearances in The Sontaran Strategem/The Posion Sky, the Sarah-Jane Adventures story “The Last Sontaran” and most recently in “The Pandrica Opens/The Big Bang”, as well as appearing in dozens of spin-off novels, audios and so on). All this aside, the article does give a nice trip down memory lane…